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Software for the home and office.

We can provide all your software needs at a greatly reduced price. These are downloadable software with full activation licenses. Why pay for media that you only ever use once at the install stage? Why clutter your shelves with cardboard boxes made from precious trees? Step into the true electronic age @LONGLAST.




BOMM – Never lose your cell phone again!

BOMM is a revolutionary new device that prevents you from losing your mobile phone, finds your keys, acts like a two way Bluetooth speaker phone, is a personal alarm system & calls the emergency number of your country/region (i.e. 911 or 999) automatically for you, without ever reaching for your mobile phone.


Blu-ray Movies with FREE shipping.

@Longlast we provide blu-ray movies to the world with FREE shipping, at prices that cannot be beaten! We want you to have hassle-free shopping and feel you got a massive bargain every time you shop with us. We provide the best prices for our products and give you FREE shipping!!




Art Gallery

Longlast is passionate about technology but we are equally passionate about the gentler side of life such as art.

We are teaming up with artists here and afar to bring to you art of the highest caliber. If you would like to be included in our portfolio please contact us using the contact form.



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