What is BOMM?

BOMM is a revolutionary new device that prevents you from losing your mobile phone, finds your keys, acts like a two way Bluetooth speaker phone, is a personal alarm system & calls the emergency number of your country/region (i.e. 911 or 999) automatically for you, without ever reaching for your mobile phone.

“About six months ago of writing this, I lost my iPhone 4G. Despite numerous calls to the store where I know I left it and to the police; and creating personal ads to retrieve it, it was never recovered. I knew I couldn’t be without a phone so I had to buy another. I was devastated to part with $700 for a new iPhone 4G (my 3-year contract was only a few of months old). As if that wasn’t bad enough, I lost about two months of important data, I was devastated! Trust me I sync to my computer regularly now.

Then I got to thinking, what if there was a device that stopped you from losing your mobile phone, maybe I could have saved $700. The BOMM does exactly that, but it does a whole lot more. Attached to your key ring, it becomes one of the most valuable electronic companion you can have.” – Ali Uddin


Never Lose Your Mobile

You can pair your BOMM with virtually any bluetooth phone.

Once paired to your Bluetooth phone, it will keep track of your phone. When its out of range, it will start buzzing and alarming you that you may have mislaid your mobile. Wow how simple can that be? Imagine your child never losing their mobile phone again! The BOMM will pair to your phone ONLY. It will never link to another phone unless you purposefully chose to.


Find Your Keys

Wait! If you ever lose your keys you can just press a button on your mobile and the device starts buzzing, flashing and ringing. You can then find your keys and switch the alarm off. No more being late for work trying to find your car keys.


Take Incoming Calls

You can receive any incoming call using the BOMM. It works like a conventional two way Bluetooth device but with a speaker. This allows you great convenience as you don’t need to take your phone out of your pocket, your purse or even rush to your mobile when its in the next room etc. You could even be charging your phone in the bedroom, sitting in the living room, and as long as you’re in range, you can take the calls. You can even end your calls with a click of a button.

Making Calls

You can make calls in the regular manner using your phone and then transfer the call to this device with just a click of a button and continue the conversation. When you’re done, just end the call from your BOMM.


Panic Alarm

The BOMM has a built in panic alarm. If you ever feel the need to use this function in a time of need, this is easily done by holding down the button for approximately 9 seconds. It will then start to flash and a loud audible alarm is set. This should deter any unwanted advances and can also aid in drawing attention to you.


Emergency Calling

Here is possibly one of the most sought after feature and possibly the most important feature of the BOMM. If and when the need arises, you can set off the “Panic Alarm” as discussed above. Hold the button down for a further six seconds and the BOMM activates into “Emergency Calling” mode, without the need to access your mobile phone physically. It will automatically dial the emergency number for your location and even talk on your behalf, announcing:

“This is an emergency call. Do not hang up. If the caller does not speak after this recording, send emergency assistance to this phone’s location immediately.”

When the message completes, you will be able to communicate with the operator and explain your emergency using the BOMM. If you press the button once during this call, the speaker will mute the sound of the operator, but emergency services will be able to hear you. Click it again and the speaker will un-mute.

If the BOMM saves just ONE life because of this feature, we feel it has done the ultimate service.

Please remember, ”Emergency Calling” feature is ONLY to be used in an ACTUAL emergency.


Charge the BOMM from any Computer or Vehicle


You can charge your device by either plugging it into a USB port in ANY computer or if you are on the road we have included a car adapter charging unit. There is no software to install at all. Life should be simple! We want this device to remove stress from your life not add to it. If the battery is running low, don’t panic, it will tell you so. If you have no access to a computer, just charge it from your car.



There are no batteries to keep buying; it’s fully rechargeable using the USB cable provided. The BOMM weighs just 22g, so it’s light to carry around on your key chain and made of durable high quality scratch resistant plastic.

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